U19 Euro’s – Matchday 2

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

                       THE U19 Euro’s – 2nd Match day previews

On Tuesday 3rd of July, we witnessed some fantastic games in the U19 Euro’s. We had Jese Rodriguez’s stunning quick feet in the box which was followed by a lovely finish by the Spainiard. France mauled Serbia in the first-half of their game, inspired by a fantastic performance by former Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba – who scored and got an assist. Portugal strolled past Estonia albeit via an own-goal and some calamitous defending, having said that Daniel Martins settled the game with a great free-kick from 25 yards out, 3-0 the final scoreline. England’s high hopes were played down by a resilient Croatian side who took the lead in the 57th minute, only to have it chalked away by a Nathan Chalobah effort three minutes later.

Now that the dust has settled, we will surely see a less complacent Spanish side, a stronger Serbian side and an Estonian side who, as the hosts, will want to give their fans and country something to cheer about.

The first game, tomorrow, will be France Vs Croatia at 15:30. The French will be wanting to carry on their terrific form from the last game, against the Serbians. Croatia will undoubtedly be in high hopes after holding England at bay in the first game. This has the makings of a fantastic game, tactically. Will the Croats stay back and hit France on the counter, or will they throw everything at the French? Only time’ll tell I guess. I’m predicting a 3-1, in France’s favour. I believe the French have an all-’round fantastic squad, Pogba in particular, will be looking to exploit Croatia’s flanks by playing some balls down the wings, Lucas Digne, the full-back will be pouncing on these passes and putting one of his best assets into play – crossing.

The following game will be played 30 minutes later, this will see the hosts, Estonia, take on Greece. Estonia will be looking to set the record straight, they’ll want to put out a strong performance for their fans, whilst Greece will be felt hard done-by, their second half performance against the Spaniards was a fantastic one. They were throwing everything at Spain, Diamantakos scored but it wasn’t enough to grant them any points from that game. Estonia, as I said previously, made some calamitous mistakes against Portugal, I can’t see them harming the Greeks in any way possible. 2-0 Greece is my prediction.

At 16:30, England will be taking on Serbia. England played alright against Croatia, they had two efforts hit off the post, which they’ll feel could’ve given them the result they were expecting. Serbia were abysmal against France, no tempo to their play at all and they showed nothing in that game that could give them some confidence going into this encounter with England. England, if they don’t get complacent, should have enough firepower to overcome the Serbians. 2-1 England is my prediction.

The final game, is the one I’m eagerly looking forward to. At 19:00, Spain will take on Portugal. The Spanish are the best team in the tournament, their players are outrageously gifted, I wish I could go on about them but I have to keep this article balanced. Spain had a storming first-half against Greece, their second half performance was pretty bad, though. Spain became very complacent, defensively and their midfield starting lacking some creativity. Portugal steamrolled past Estonia and had a lot of ease breaking down the Estonian defence, something they’ll find difficult to do against Spain because I think Spain will learn from their lapses in concentration. Portugal didn’t have much to do when it came to defending against the Estonians. Going forward they do have some strong players and this could hurt Spain’s weak defence. This, in my opinion, will be a very close affair. 1-1 is my prediction.

Let’s see if I’m anywhere near getting the predictions right, one thing I’m sure of is that we will most definitely see some great games of football, especially the last game, mouthwatering encounter.


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