Arsène Wenger – running his own legacy into the ground at 100mph

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Arsenal

Wenger picture for blog


I’m writing this a day after the catastrophic display, and loss, against league two side Bradford. As you can imagine, without me telling you so, I’m not in the happiest of moods and have called in sick. Now, with that aside, I’d like to discuss what Wenger is doing wrong and why it’s incredibly frustrating to see him do this to himself.

Wenger picks the team, signs the players and is meant to spur them on when things aren’t going their way. But, recently, I’ve just seen players who, quite frankly, don’t give a monkeys (don’t take me to court) about playing in the red ‘n’ white of Arsenal. Our ‘captain’, Thomas Vermaelen, yesterday showed what he’s been showing us for the past two seasons: he’s weak-minded, lacks concentration, gets too complacent and really doesn’t seem to give a toss when the going gets tough. I believe that, in Jack Wilshere, we’ve a proper captain; the only man who tried, last night, to turn a shambolic performance around. Back to the first points, Wenger is in charge for picking someone like Gervinho and playing him in a position he obviously doesn’t excel in (to be fair, I don’t think he excels anywhere). Wenger’s also in charge for signing someone like Gervinho and many others who, quite clearly, aren’t good enough for this club and were signed based on one season of success abroad. Wenger mans the team, not the board; if they aren’t showing passion and heart, this is down to Wenger to sort out… which he doesn’t.

Yesterday’s complacent showing from our first-team really wound myself, and all the Arsenal fans, up. If the result couldn’t get any worse, Wenger comes out and says something which one could only think of ramming it’s head against the wall several times:  “I cannot fault the effort. We have put the effort in [and] have given absolutely everything until the last minute.” What effort? All I saw was a bunch of overpaid moronic footballers, who were beaten by players who have obviously been taught the basics: passion, heart, commitment and a never say die attitude, get absolutely outplayed. Yes, there were times when we should’ve stuck the ball in the back of the net (Gervinho), but we should’ve had more shots at their goal; it’s ridiculous that it took us until the 70th minute to have our first shot on target.

Back to picking the team, Wenger persists with playing players out of position when there are others who could do a much adequate job there. For example, Lukas Podolski is a striker by trade and I don’t understand what he offers when playing out wide, why isn’t Wenger moving Podolski into that centre-forward position when it quite clearly isn’t working for Gervinho? Yet, despite one of his worst performances, amongst many, for the Arsenal, Wenger persisted with Gervinho for the entire game – 120 minutes. Why does he do this? Gervinho doesn’t pick himself, and he’s a bloody trier, but it’s obvious to many Arsenal fans who aren’t ‘qualified’ coaches to understand that he isn’t good enough for our club.

In my honest opinion, and this may sound harsh, Wenger shouldn’t be exempt from getting the blame for putting players out of position, persisting with ones who aren’t good enough and not giving the players a kick up the Arse. The worst thing is, he allows for this mediocrity to crop up every week. He should’ve been tearing into his team in interviews or at least when he’s on the touchline; instead, he keeps forgiving these players and letting them continue to not care for the club. He’s a terrific manager who, in his earlier years, would’ve been tearing into this crop of players. Maybe he’s just come to grips that this team isn’t good enough and there’s nothing he can do? That shouldn’t be the case, regardless. We shouldn’t be losing to Bradford City with a team awash with talent like Podolski, Cazorla, Vermaelen and many other first-team players.

Can the board trust Wenger, as stingy as they are, with a supposed £60M budget? Will he, once again, delve into the French league and buy a player who’s had one good season and would look relatively average in our squad? Will he go in for another gem like Santi Cazorla? Will he buy an experienced premier league player? Will he sign a prospect to play for our academy? Who knows. Whether we get Huntelaar/Ba, Diame/Gustavo, I believe that we need something different to spice the team up and spur them on in January. Maybe bringing Henry back will lift the changing room… something a manager should do.

Now, I’m not having random digs and pops at Wenger, he’s done so much for this club and has, single-handedly, made us the force that we think we are every season. I absolutely love Wenger and think he’s been impeccable for Arsenal’s history; he’s a legend. What I can’t stand is getting incredibly frustrated at him and seeing others, every week, get frustrated too. He’s running his own legacy into the ground and that’s a very saddening thing to see.

Just thought I’d get this off my chest. Thanks for reading.


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